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Six month paid work placements at businesses and charities in Waltham Forest and surrounding areas


Are you aged 16-24 and looking for an exciting work placement?

If you’re motivated and eager to get on, why not apply for a six-month Kickstart work placement and earn up to £8.91 per hour for 25 hours a week. We have over 50 placements to choose from! As well as gaining great experience and being paid, you’ll receive essential business and employment skills training.

Are you a local business, charity or social organisation that can benefit from a Kickstart placement?

The government pays all salary costs and provides a training budget. We provide scheme application and administration, plus training and support for participants.

Kickstart is a government scheme providing financial support to employers who offer 16-24-year-olds six-month work placements.

The government covers placement salaries to the national minimum wage for 25 hours per week, as well as employer National Insurance contributions and minimum auto-enrolment pension contributions. The government also provides up to £1,500 per placement to help cover costs and training expenses. 

The scheme is open to any business or voluntary sector organisation, whatever the size or sector and will run until 30th September 2022 (the last date a placement can start is 31st March 2022). For ease of administration, businesses may apply through a ‘gateway’ provider (such as CRATE) who will process the application and provide a range of support services for the duration of the placement.

All jobs must be new ones. They must not replace existing furloughed and contract staff or fill roles which have already been advertised or planned. Placements can be advertised by businesses, as well as by the Job Centre Plus.

Placements require a summary job description setting out the role expectations. Placements can be located at business premises and/or incorporate remote working, if suitable support and management structures are in place.

The work placement must provide participants with support and training to help them develop the skills and experience to find work after completing the scheme. Our placement services will use the CRATE Boost:ed workshops and support programme, developed to ensure participants have access to the very best enterprise training resources.

Employers are free to take young people on at the end of the placement or convert the role to an apprenticeship.

Placement pay from 1st April 2021 is National Living Wage (for those aged 23 and over) and the National Minimum Wage (for those of at least school leaving age). 23 and over: £8.91, 21-22: £8.36, 18-20: £6.56. Wages can be topped up by the employer above the national minimum wage at their discretion.


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BOOST:ED, Kickstart and Creative Showcase target beneficiaries in the London Borough of Waltham Forest and surrounding areas.

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