Enterprise and career

- Business awareness
- Critical thinking
- Problem solving
- Confidence
- Self-direction

Employability skills

- Written and spoken communication
- Team working
- Work planning
- Resilience

Main cycle

  • Six-week cycle repeated four times
  • Masterclass, Event Workshop and Reflection sessions
  • Culminates in an Event and final programme reflection (Event cycle)
  • 20-25 participants (6-8 per Reflection session)
  • Expert facilitators
  • Enterprise and business
  • Event management
  • Resilience and self-development
  • Programme Manager throughout

4 x Enterprise Masterclasses

Enterprise topic areas

  • Types of business and entrepreneurship
  • Organisational roles, suppliers and partners
  • Business development, sales and marketing
  • Managing money and understanding risk

4 x Event Planning Workshops

Key concepts developed throughout

  • Team working and workplace behaviour
  • SMART objective setting
  • Problem solving and managing conflict
  • Communication

4 x Reflection Sessions

Key concepts developed throughout

  • Critical thinking
  • Active listening and group discussion
  • Self-awareness and managing stress
  • Learnings, self-improvement and growth

Event cycle

  • Event located at CRATE St James Street
  • Supported by and involving local businesses
  • Shaped by participants at the outset of the programme
  • Can take different forms depending on cohort
  • Panel discussions
  • Networking
  • Themed, e.g. sports, health/well-being
  • Whole group reflection, including employers

1 x Event

  • Shaped by participants at programme outset
  • Business and customer facing
  • Opportunity to network and showcase
  • Progression platform

1 x Programme Reflection

Looking back / moving forward

  • Critical thinking
  • Active listening and group discussion
  • Self-awareness and managing stress
  • Self-improvement and growth

Learning and development model

  • Structured facilitation
  • Peer support approaches are encouraged
  • Programme management provides support, guidance and issues resolution
  • Real business challenges from employing businesses incorporated by facilitators
  • Reflective sessions require greater confidentiality and sensitivity
  • Knowledge, skills and confidence

Enterprise Masterclass

  • New content builds on previous learning
  • Examples relate to all business types
  • Participant sector examples
  • Event application with optional ‘homework’

Event Planning Workshop

  • Event planning templates
  • Teams deliver different aspects of event
  • Team choice reflects skills and needs
  • Some activities outside of workshops


  • Different roles aligned to workshops
  • Participant led
  • Peer-support on the day
  • Employer inclusion

Reflection Session

  • Reflective journals
  • Individual-pair-whole group activities
  • Event planning or workplace content
  • Active programme management support
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